Somatic Sex Education and Bodywork Sessions

Society’s Relationship To Pleasure

We all set limits on the quantity and quality of pleasure we can embody. Limits to pleasure are ubiquitous in a culture that shames sexuality and fails to teach us how to honour and celebrate our erotic selves. Sexual wounding becomes embedded in the body’s tissues and responses. Somatic Sex Education and Bodywork can assist clients in expanding the pleasure that is possible. This expansion has physical, mental, emotional, and relational benefits.

In 2019, I graduated from the esteemed Institute of Somatic Sexology in Australia to become a Certified Sexological Bodyworker. I warmly welcome people of all genders, races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and relationship choices to work with me.

What Is Somatic Sex Education?

Sexological Bodyworkers teach embodied sex education and offer bodywork. We teach through body experiences designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self. Our teaching can include coaching in breathwork, body awareness, movement, boundary-setting (consent), communication, anatomy, massage, mindful masturbation, scar tissue remediation and other body-based practices.

Not all teachings include touch, but when requested touch is one-way (from practitioner to client) and is client-led. We touch in ways that assist clients in developing presence within the body, opening interior awareness, empowering choice and voice, and learning how the body can feel safer and more alive. Uniquely in the profession, we are trained to offer client-led genital or anal touch for the purposes of education, healing and pleasure. Sexological Bodyworkers are trauma-informed and remain clothed during sessions.

15 Reasons People Might See a Sexological Bodyworker

  1. Accepting and loving one’s body, gender and/or sexuality
  2. Reconnecting to the sensual/sexual self
  3. Learning how to ask for and receive pleasure
  4. Becoming aware of habits and patterns, and learning to expand pleasure throughout the body
  5. Learning about boundaries and consensual touch
  6. Difficulties with orgasm
  7. Developing a healthy use of porn
  8. Ejaculation choice
  9. Post-trauma support
  10. Relief from pelvic pain or numbness
  11. Support during gender transition
  12. Erectile dysfunction
  13. Couples/Triads/Quads wanting to enhance their sex life
  14. Understanding anal pleasure
  15. Referred by a Therapist, Doctor, Sexologist, Massage Therapist

What happens in a session?

  1. Check-in – We discuss your intentions, interests, challenges and sensual/sexual history.
  2. Body Scan – I lead you in a body scan to bring awareness to sensations in your body, as a practice to learn to make choices from an embodied place.
  3. Options – Based on the check-in and body scan I offer you 2 options for bodywork or somatic practices that could be useful for your specific interests or challenges.
  4. Agreement - You choose 1 somatic practice or type of bodywork and we agree on the boundaries
  5. Integration – The session ends with a few minutes of integration to ‘save’ the learning experience in your nervous system (mind and body), thus forming new healthy habits and expanding your potential for pleasure

Prices for individuals:

Prices are in Canadian dollars and include taxes:

First session (*promotional offer*) (90 min): $90
1 session (90 min): $110
3 sessions (90 min each): $300

I can accommodate couples/triads, shorter sessions, financial difficulty, etc. Write to tell me about your situation!

Questions? Want to book an in-person or online session? Email me at

NOTE: For in-person sessions, I follow the Government of Québec’s public health guidelines to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 (ie. wearing masks, hand-washing, sanitizing surfaces, etc.)

Thank you to Sexological Bodyworker Caffyn Jesse for their contribution to this description.

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