Public Private Parts

The sensual body can be a resource for cultivating deeper embodiment, pleasure, and connection with ourselves and others. However we live in a society that shames sexuality and fails to teach us how to honour and celebrate our bodies.
Public / Private Parts is a series of works directed by artist and somatic sex educator Gerard X Reyes in conversation and collaboration with sex workers, somatic sex educators, and artists in Berlin and Montreal. Through various mediums (documentary interviews, live performance, video installations, podcasts, etc.) the collaborators share enlightening perspectives on topics such as moral censorship, sensual practices, the nude body, intimacy, pleasure, and much more.
The first work in the Public / Private Parts series. This immersive video installation and live dance performance stretches the sensual body beyond the limiting binaries of public/private and art/pornography.
World premiere live show dates at Festival TransAmériques in Montréal:
June 10 @ 7pm
June 11 @ 7pm
June 12 @ 6pm @ 8pm

Tickets go on sale May 11th at 12pm.
Documentary Interviews
Gerard X Reyes and 7 Berlin-based sex workers, artists, and sex educators meet to share their perspectives. Together they discuss public life (society, work) and private life (intimate thoughts, experiences, desires). Conversations are in English and French with English, French, Spanish subtitles.
About Gerard X Reyes
Learn more about Gerard X Reyes’ artistic journey as well as their expertise in Somatic Sex Education.
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